Wearable Mobility

We Innovate Mobility

WIMTM is an innovative solution
that enhances your mobility
WIMTM provides dynamic walking
assist and exercise.
You can expand
your walking boundaries.

Ultra-lightweight walking assist wearable robot,
is a wearable robot that aims to promote healthy living through daily walking exercise. Walking is the most basic form of exercise that can be easily incorporated into the daily routine. Walking as an effective exercise requires proper posture, an optimal pace and a certain amount of time. WIMTM makes walking an easy and efficient exercise.

WIMTM is also for anyone who wants to walk.

If you’re finding it difficult to walk because of declining fitness and muscle strength, try WIMTM. From everyday walking to exercise, WIMTM makes it easy and comfortable for everyone to get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Ultra-Lightweight Wearable Mobility

Coming Jan 2024

*The above product image is subject to change.

Ultra Lightweight at 1.4Kg

Weighs in at 1.4kg including battery and
fastener, WIMTM’s folding mechanism
minimizes carrying and storage space

*The above product image is subject to change.

Assist Mode

In the assist mode, WIMTM enables you to walk easily and safely.
WIMTM analyzes the interaction between you and the terrain and helps your walking by providing optimal assist intensity and timing.

Therefore WIMTM can reduce energy by up to 20% for level ground walking and 14% energy for load carrying. 14% energy saving is equivalent to a 12kg load reduction.

*The above product image is subject to change.

Exercise Mode

WIMTM produces resistance force
like walking in the water.
By adjusting the intensity and
timing, WIMTM can provide various
exercise program: cardio,
targeted muscle, muscular endurance
exercise, and more.

Interval Workout Program

You can exercise with
an interval workout
program combined with assist
and resistance force.

Analyze Your Performance
And Manage Goals

WIMTM sensors your pose and balance with its motion sensors.
Thus, it recognizes your activities in your daily life:
walking, running, sitting, going up the stairs.

Personal AI Coaching

WIM can be your personal AI coach
providing customized training
program just for you.
AI coaching optimized for
your personalized workouts
based on collected exercise information.
Try our personalized AI coaching
to improve your performance

Maximize Usabillity &

Wim is a revolutionary new concept of mobility that innovated the weight and usability of a wearable robot. WIM’s simple, compact, and nonrestrictive design allows you free and natural motion.

You can wear it anywhere: driving, sitting, and even lying down.

*The above product image is subject to change.

Wearable Mobility

We Innovate Mobility

Coming Jan 2024

*The above product image is subject to change.


    Dynamic Walking
    Assist and Exercese

    Gait enhancing assist
    Muscle and
    cardio exercise


    AI Coaching

    Gait analysis powered by AI
    Big data management
    for healthcare


    Single Actuation

    Optimal mechanism
    based on Symmetry of
    human biomechanics


    Ergonomic Design
    Adaptive to Human

    Novel structure compliant to
    human complex motions


Product Name WIMTM (We Innovate Mobility)
Size 23.8 x 10.0 x 5cm
Weight 1.4kg (Including battery, fastener)
Battery Lithium-ion battery (14.4VDC – 3.35Ah)
Operating Time per Charge Approximately 2hr (assist mode)
Manufacturer/Country WIRobotics / Made in Korea
KC Certification EMS Test, Battery Safety